Stern SmartSwitch® products line offers basic Piezo switches along with programmable Piezo switches which are developed and manufactured in house and can be customized to meet specific needs. Either product functionality or design can be customized to include:


Surface and Material

Stern switches are available in various housing materials like Stainless steel, Aluminum and Brass. The surface and material can be set according to customer requirements, and specific fields of application. For external applications, resistant materials such as stainless steel or aluminum are recommended.


Color Design

The surfaces of the switch can be finished according to customer requirements. For example, the aluminum housing of the switch can be delivered as natural anodized or in various anodized colors.


Shapes and Sizes

A wide variety of shapes and sizes for a broad range of solutions can be offered. The size of the switch surface is variable up to a diameter of 30 mm. Piezo switches with a specific mounting diameter can be adapted in shape and size to customer requirements. Adaptations for integration into individual layouts are also available.


Lettering and Marking

Depending on the application, there are various lettering and marking possibilities. Switches of this type can be laser-lettered or marked. For special applications, the lettering or marking can also be etched or engraved with a colored background.


Lighting and Illumination

Stern offers the colors Red, Green and Blue for point illumination of the switches. Point illuminations in other colors are available on request.


Terminals and Connectors

Depending on the design, Stern switches are available with quick connect terminals or flexible wires. Switches with plug-compatible adapters are available upon request. Contact Stern today and let our experienced team design a unique Piezo product for your specific application.